Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Personal Insight: How do Divorce Lawyers feel about Divorce?

click here for an easy to read, reliable chart from the CDC on marriage/divorce rates from 2000-2010

What do you think about the marriage/divorce rates?  They are staggering.  As a family law attorney, I see divorce, and other family law matters, all day-nearly every day.  Should there be fewer marriages and therefore, fewer divorces or should there just be fewer divorces granted by the Court?  Maybe, there should be a requirement for more preparation before marriage-but then again, that gets into the whole"the government is controlling my life" argument. Of course, I won't be addressing nor proposing any sort of governmental policy in this blog.   I'm already discussing divorce- I wouldn't dare delve into politics.  I may be a lawyer, but I'm not crazy.

My opinion with regard to the whole divorce question is that there is no good answer, unfortunately.  I don't think we'll be convincing two young love birds that, if they don't slow down and better prepare for their marriage, they may end up right back  in the same Courthouse- only next time it will be to fight for custody of their child, or child support, or domestic violence, etc.    I also wouldn't venture to say that just because someone in their twenties-or at any age honestly- took a vow of  marriage, if it turns out to be a mistake in their eyes, that they shouldn't ever divorce.  The circumstances are individual to each couple.

Which leads me to a question that crosses my mind often, especially at functions with families and children:  Because I'm a divorce attorney, do people think I promote divorce?  Do they think I like divorce because that's how I make a living or that because I constantly handle divorces- maybe I, and other divorce lawyers, don't value marriage?

My answer is simple.  I do not like divorce.  Divorce is ugly and difficult and, under the very best circumstances, can still be emotionally draining.  But, what I do like and what I do promote is ensuring that despite this divorce, this rough patch in your life- you're going to be protected.   I like doing everything in my power to ensure that the financial outcome is what it should be for my client.    I like working to present a thorough case for my client and my client's children.  I enjoy applying the law to my client's advantage.  When my client retains me-I think of myself as their advocate during a taxing and difficult time.  I intend to represent them to the fullest and in the manner which makes them the most comfortable. Divorce and custody. Alimony and child support. These things are, unfortunately, inevitable.   They can feel very cut-throat and dirty- particularly in the midst of court hearings and depositions.  I don't like these type of cases.  I like counseling my client through them.  For this reason, I enjoy practicing family law.  It feels very important to me-and to my client.  It's very personal,  and should you ever be faced with this issue-there won't be much that matters more than the outcome of a custody dispute or related issue.  

Of course, I can't speak for all attorneys.  But this is something I desire to help people know and understand about family law attorneys.  We're really not as bad as you think!

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