About Brad G. Fisher, Esq.

Born 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee
Married 9 years, one child

Bachelor of Science (Banking and Finance) 1990 University of Southern Mississippi
Juris Doctor (Law) 2005 University of Toledo
Licensed to practice law in Florida: 2005

Florida Bar Association
Florida Bar Association- Family Law Section
Escambia/Santa Rosa County Bar Association

Committee Member:
1st Judicial Circuit Family Law Committee
1st Judicial Circuit Bench and Bar Professionalism Committee

Escambia County Pro Se Clinic

What can I expect from your firm? What is your background? Can I trust that you'll be able to help me?

Brad Fisher concentrates his practice in the area of family law. There are many issues that one is concerned about when faced with a family law issue. Below we have attempted to address much of why we believe we can obtain the best result for you and your family. Please feel free to contact the office to discuss any issue in greater detail or to inquire as to what methods we employ to obtain documents or evidence that will be beneficial to your case.

Financial Concerns:

Mr. Fisher has an extensive background in banking and finance in addition to his experience in legal profession. Due to his extensive knowledge in finance and banking, he is often able to find assets that the opposing party has attempted to hide from his client. Further, he thoroughly understands the complexities of calculating child support, alimony, property division, percentages of retirement/investments, etc. Financial knowledge is extremely important to your case whether you be the party seeking financial support, or the party support is being sought from. An understanding of reasonable expenses, tax calculations, payroll cycles, bonus structures, retirement plans and related accounts are necessary in order to properly calculate the amount of support the Court should order. Without an attorney that understands these issues, you could very possibly receive less support than you are entitled to, or be required to pay more than the opposing party deserves. Many people do not realize that in addition to monetary (check in hand) support, support can be ordered in the form of payment of bills, house payments, car payments, etc. Should you be facing an issue when you may need or be ordered to pay support, please contact our office to discuss your plan of action for obtaining the result you desire.

Custody/Timesharing Concerns:

With regard to custody issues, it is vital that you obtain an attorney that realizes there is nothing more important than the best interests of your child. You need an attorney that will "shoot straight" with you and tell you the law, and the best way to lay out your case for the desired result. Brad Fisher will always be honest with you, even if it means telling you something you may not wish to hear. We believe it important to always be honest and forthright, so that there are no surprises and we can work together toward making sure your children are best protected from the stress of litigation. Although each Judge has discretion to consider factors independently, the law is clear and we will make sure you are informed of the law and have a clear understanding of the important factors the Court considers when awarding custody/majority timesharing to one parent or the other.

Mediation/Settlement-- Is it for me?

While it is important to have an attorney that is not afraid to take your case to Trial if necessary, it is also important that you have counsel that can help you think about the desired outcome in a way that may help you to reach a settlement with the opposing party. Of course, there are times when the opposing party is so irrational that this is not a possible, but it is often in the best interests of both parties and the children involved, if any, to consider what issues may not be contested, so that the litigation can be narrowed. This saves time and effort in addition to saving attorney's fees and costs. The Court very often will order a family law case to mediation prior to granting a request for a Trial, so you will want an effective negotiator on your side. Mr. Fisher has extensive experience in preparing settlement agreements, offering ideas for settlement and is highly effective in the mediation setting.

Trial & Preparation of your case:

In addition to the above issues, hiring an attorney that understands how to properly prepare your case for trial and takes the time to conduct discovery is crucial. You may have a solid case, but if you do not have an attorney that understands the Rules of Procedure and Rules of Evidence, in addition to a keen knowledge of the Florida Statutes, much of your argument may not be admissible in Court. There is a common misconception that you may be able to just go in and tell the Judge about what is happening in your case. Although, in day to day life this is a reasonable assumption, in Florida the Court has certain rules of procedure it must abide by. Do not make the mistake of believing that everything you know or that someone told you may be admissible at Trial. It may be admissible- but only if it is presented properly. In addition to testimony, you will want to present concrete evidence to prove to the Court that your beliefs regarding the custodial issues and financial issues are true and should be considered when the Court is making its ruling. As with testimony, there are many documents that cannot be presented in Court unless certain rules are followed in advance. Hiring an attorney with the knowledge to prepare, present and defend your case is the most vital choice you will make when faced with a family law issue.

Attorney/Staff/Client relationships:

Finally, staff is important. Mr. Fisher's staff is friendly and helpful, but beyond that they are knowledgeable. All clients are welcome to contact our office at anytime and discuss their case. We will make every effort to address any concerns you may have and to answer questions that are bound to arise during the process. Our staff is experienced, and although you may feel very alone in your situation, chances are we have handled a similar dilemma in the past. We are not here to judge you, but to understand and help you through this time. This is important as it can be very uncomfortable should you retain an office that is not understanding or treats you as if they do not have time for you. I would encourage you to contact my office. Please be assured you that the staff will treat you with courtesy and respect and will timely return your call.

Should you be faced with an issue that our firm handles, please feel free to contact us. We'll be more than willing to discuss how we can help you and formulate a plan that will move us in the direction of your desired result.

Brad G. Fisher, Esq.
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